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Neither Teen nor Adult. Never lose your way.

Voice was done by me.

Thanks to Lav for the mixing aid and adding the end SFX.

Song was Before My Body Is Dry from the KLK OST.

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When you and your friends do something horrible as a team



Sketch by Hisashi Kagawa

Scanned by


As an artist and devoted Sailormoon fan, I personally think the art in Episode 124 & 125 are at its peak (both TV and Manga, minus the Movies though). Those features are detailed and awesome! Under the art direction of Ikuko Itoh, all the best artists (including Hisashi Kagawa) join together to deliver the best best best Sailormoon art ever!



I fought Ganondorf again to try out the fishing rod glitch because I wanted to see if it was real.

IT WAS REAL! And let me tell you it basically took away all the seriousness of the battle. I was reduced to a giggling mess hehe!

I love it!

Daytime reblarg!


When you play a video game with really good graphics